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Outline   Motor starting reactor decrease the terminal voltage as the inductive motor is started
  thus the starting begins and terminal voltage is increased as the current is decreased.
  As a result of this, if the speed is increased gradually, you should open the power
  source a little and short the reactor. For this the voltage connection is possible and then
  you can cut the shortage of the immersion current. This starting reactor has reliability in
  whole prevention of the trouble current and simplification in operating.
Operating principles
Repair and checking   Repair and checking are easy by saving the body area in the half-place of the high
  voltage part and simplifying the operation according to the simplification of the winding.
  And the insulation of the motor is protected, because the heating rate of the motor is
  decreased to 66% and under during operation.
Current Curves of Gap Type and Saturable Type
Properties   1) Starting is easy because the starting torque is large
      (It is very efficient at load operating)
  2) There is never a power loss during operation.
  3) The power factor is very good during operating.
  4) Motor insulation is possible because high frequency does not generate during
in the
  1) Model No.    2) Main circuit voltage    3) Load capacity    4) Rated current
  5) Starting current    6) Frequency
  7) Starting time(Max. 1 min. standard and sorted out 3min., 5min.)
  8) The kinds of the insulation(Dry type)

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