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Outline   When an A.C. capacitor bank is used to the circuit to improve the power factor and
  regulate the voltage, the distortion of the voltage and current waveform can be alleviated.
  The switching of A.C. capacitor bank leads to the transition of attenuated oscillation
  apart from general inductive circuit, and during operation, large immersion current is
  generated. To control these phenomena, you must insert a series reactor into the
  capacitor bank. The details are stated as follows.
Installation place   1) Indoor(Dry self-cooling type)
  2) Indoor and outdoor(Oil filled self-cooling type)
Service conditions   1) Surrounding temperature : -20℃~+40℃
  2) Average surrounding temperature during 24hrs : 35℃ or under
  3) Above sea-level : 1000m or under
Performance   1) Capacitive allowance : -5~+10%
  2) Insulation resistance : 500MΩ and over
  3) Max. using voltage : less than 110% of the rated voltage
  4) Max. using current : contain the 35% of the fifth harmonic to the basic wave current
     and the compound current is 120% or under
Repair and checking   In operating the series reactor, if you check the followings, you can safely operate it
  electrically and mechanically.
  1) Since the reactor has a little vibration during operating, the connection part may be
      loose fitting. Therefore you must operate after confirm it.
  2) You must certify the contamination of the insulation oil(O.T)
  3) If you operate again after stopping flow at long time, you must check the above item
     1), 2)
  4) If the current is over flowed 120% of the rated value, though the voltage is rated value
     by ascertaining the condenser current during the current is flowed, the reason is
     considered that high frequency harmonic is superposed and you must flow the
     current after certifying the problem.
  5) You should prevent the reactor and condenser from breaking by regulating condenser
     groups in order to incline the power factor toward the lead phase.
  6) When the power source is broken, though the inside-loading reactor have the
     discharge coil, however you must do work after checking the reactor terminal surely.

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