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Outline   Dae Heung has been producing and supplying the dry type and cast resin type power
  transformer of high technology and credibility through our accumulated technology and
  experince such as designing and manufacturing.
Features   1) Fire resistance
  In case of H type winding. the coil was AIW coated and the transfomer is built to endore
  up to 120℃. so that it is suitable for use in the power receiving and distribution facilities
  of chemical plants. hospitals and other special places.
  2) Low loss and noise
  With the smaller core size by use of grain-oriented silicon steel plates and reasonable
  insulation design. no load loss and noise have been reduced.
Structure   1) Winding
  By use of copper with the conductivity higher than 100%. sufficient durability against
  short-circuit electromagnetic force is maintained.
  2) Core
  The core has been design to minimize iron loss and current based on high-quality
  grain-oriented silicon plates with permeability and no secular varation. It is built to
  povide sufficient mechanical strength to support the windings.
Necessary Data for Order Production   1) Number of phase(single or three phase)
  2) Promary and secondary voltage(V)
  3) Capacity(KVA)
  4) Type of insulation(B.F or H type)
  5) Oil type(dry, mold)

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