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Features of Three Phase Mold Transfomers   1.High Shot-Circuit Strength
  The coil was vacuum-molded with epoxy resin having excellent electrical and
  mechanical strength and withstands short-circuit accidents well.

  2. Excellent Impulse Withstand Voltage Characteristic
  Excellent impulse withstand valtage characlerisitics is provided due to good insulation
  property of epoxy resin and the design of divied winding methid.

  3. Outstanding Humldity Resistance
  As the voltage coil was vacuum-molded, humidity can not penetrate into the winding.
  and hence you immediately power up the tranceformer any time without need to dry it

  4. Good fire resistance
  Built of epoxy resin with good fire resistance property. DAE-HEUNG Mold Tranfomers
  have climinated the possibility of starting a fire with self-extinguishing feature.

  5. Improved Overload Endurance Characteristics
  DAE-HEUNG Mold Transfomers have been designed for to temperature than an oil type
  transfomer and can be used properly under temporary overload.

  6. Suitable for Extreme Load Changes
  It is suitable for a load changing rapidly such as railway power supply facilities and
  rolling mills.

  7. Environment Friendly
  Not using oil. it has eliminated the possibility of environmental contamination caused
  by oil spill.

  8. Easy to Maintain
  Oil change or additional fire fighting facility is unnecessary.

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